About Us

Steel Ridge Robotics was founded in August of 2016 by our head coach, Jeff Brink. The year before he had been inspired to look into FRC when a graduating senior who had recently moved to Ridgefield had said "every high school student should be on a robotics team". This strong of a statement encouraged Mr. Brink to check out an off season event and apply for grants. On August 1st he heard back from Diamler about a large grant, and Steel Rigde was born.

In the years following our rookie year we have grown immensely, with our first year team size at 9 total members and now having 25. This growth has kept us heavily focused on ingraining FIRST's guiding principles into all of our members and securing the team's future. 

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We truly owe our start to our "founding sponsors".

Without their support at the beginning of our team we would have never have gotten as far as we have as a team.