Our Mentors and Coaches

Coach Brink

Jeff Brink is the head coach of Steel Ridge Robotics and a physics teacher at RHS. He graduated from Western Washington University in 1991 and received his master's degree in 1998. Outside of teaching Jeff has a passion for design and building. He has remodeled several homes in Ridgefield and built two others before he became a teacher. Jeff works with all sub-teams and helps to keep everyone on track.

Assistant Coach Horn

Stephanie Horn Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Washington State University in 2015. She has been teaching at Ridgefield High School since 2017. Stephanie teaches mathematics and has a big passion for getting other girls passionate about math and science. Mrs. Horn is a huge asset to the team and helps us stay organized as well as helping with website design. She also manages a lot of our budget and the Marketing Sub-Team.

Chad Stryker - Mentor

Mr. Stryker is a professional electrical hardware engineer at Tektronix Inc. in Beverton Oregon. At his job he designs and tests printed circuit assemblies and develops circuitry for electronic test equipment. Chad has helped Steel Ridge immensely over his four years with the team by heading the controls Sub-Team.

Bryan Caddy-Mentor

Mr. Caddy is a Senior Information Security Engineer and Compliance professional for Fisher Investments. He has extensive experience in infrastructure engineering and architecture. Bryan also has valuable experience with internet security. He is certified and or trained in ISO27001 Lead Implementer certification , Hippa / HiTrust Compliance trained, Payment Card Industry (PCI) implementer, and is a member of the FBI Infra-guard community organization. He participates in several local and national security related forums and groups.

Assistant Coach Rinard

Steve Rinard, Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Washington State University in 2007. He has been teaching at Ridgefield HS since 2008. Steve has taught mathematics and recently began teaching Introduction to Engineering and Design and Computer Science Principles. Steve will be working with the Programming Team and the Event Drive Team.

Assistant Coach Hicks

Jarod Hicks is a chemistry teacher at Ridgefield High School and started teaching here since 2018. Mr. Hicks joined the team in 2019 and is very excited to help wherever he can for the Infinite Recharge Season. 

Kris Holter - Mentor

Kris Holter works as a machinist and fabricator at Applied Motion Systems in Vancouver Washington. He has worked in machining for over 25 years at a number of different shops. Mr. Holter works in our shop and has trained every mechanical member on the team and helps to refine each design the team has for highly functioning competition robots.

Rob Costa- Mentor

Rob is a Systems Analyst on a web/software development team at Fidelity National Financial. The team develops/supports the company’s CRM software. Rob analyses code and logic for new software features/products as well as for troubleshooting bugs. He also performs online code repository maintenance and code compiling/deployment. Rob has a degree in Computer Networking, as well as schooling in Electrical Engineering.

Steven Hull- Mentor

Steven Hull is a machinist who is currently working at Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Oregon programming CNC machine motion for large airplane parts. Steve has a long career of solving machining problems and making complex parts for Cessna, Airbus, and Boeing. Steve makes jewelry and is a member of the Mount Hood Rock Club​