Today Steels

Aubrey Sigman

Business & Marketing/Finance, Saftey

This is currently my first year of robotics however I have a lot of experience with finance and managing groups. I chose robotics because I knew that they got a lot of scholarships and I thought they would need someone to deal with all that money and make sure it all gets to the right place. I also wanted to assist with outreach, getting more sposors, and organizing the shop.

Alyssa Ravelli

Business & Marketing/Finance

This is Alyssa's first year in STEEL Ridge Robotics and currently co-runs the Business/Marketing Sub-Team. She is a freshman, making this her first year of robotics. Alyssa joined for her love of STEAM and engineering, as well as to find some more people with similar interests

Nathan Walker

Hi! My name is Nathan and I am on the programming team. I help create the program that runs on the robot. This is my first year in Robotics. I chose to join Robotics because I heard that it was a unique experience, and it would help me to practice skills I may use in my future.

Caleb Benedick

My name is Caleb Benedick. I am on the mechanics sub-team. This is my first year in robotics. I joined because I have done a robotics club before and it was fun.

Wyatt Ballweber

My name is Wyatt Ballweber. I am on the Mechanicals Sub-Team. This is my first year in robotics. I joined because Mr. Brink had asked me to join in my Freshman year. 

Isaac Marshall

My name is Isaac Marshall. I am on the mechanics team and drive team. This is my first year in robotics. I joined because I was encouraged by Mr. Brink and had done a robotics class in Middle School that I enjoyed.

Asher Anderson

My name is Asher Anderson and I am on the programming sub team. This is my second year of robotics and my first where I can actually build a robot. I joined robotics because I wanted experience in programming and other general experiences that come with the challenging task of building a robot.

Ryan Tjia

This is my 2nd year in robotic, I'm in the programming sub-team. I wanted to join robotics to learn another aspect of programming as well as extracurricular.

Kaylee Kirkelie

Controls Level 1 Certified

I'm a Sophomore and this is my first year

I was encouraged by my teacher and it ended up being really fun!

Catalina Hagen

Catalina is a Junior and has been with the team for 3 years. She is part of the controls  and mechanical team with level 1 certifications. Catalina joined STEEL Ridge Robotics to collaborate, learn, and make new friends.  Today, she is one of the leaders of the team and enjoys sharing her experiences and welcoming new members. 

Mango ~ Satkirat Kaur

Mango has been a part of the team for 3 years, joining in her freshman year. She previously did robotics for 2 years at her middle school and enjoyed it a lot. Her love for robotics helps drive her to do better every day as a designer and a controls team member. She loves all the experimenting that the team is able to do, along with the teamwork that takes place, she is excited for what is to come!

Ethan Caddy

I am a part of the Controls Sub-team. I have my 2nd level certification. I have been on the team for 3 years. I joined robotics because I liked the idea of working with robots. Going into this I had no idea what I was doing. Now I can wire an entire robot by myself using the experience and expertise that I have gained over the years in robotics.